17 Blog Post Formulas That Will Turbocharged Your Blogging

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(Last Updated On: October 8, 2021)


17 Blog Post Formulas That Will Turbocharged Your Blogging


Use these 17 different formulas to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts. 


If you are a blogger and wanted to engage your readers, this formula is a must 


I know people will say that written blog is dead and video blog is on the rise and content creators should focus their time and resources on it. 


I agree that a video blog can attract new subscribers but if you noticed on YouTube, which is a widely used platform for video blogging, they link their website and written blog in the video so it compliments and helps each other to create traffic  


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So, if you’re thinking a written blog post is dead think again, there are still many people who read content than watch videos


And if your goal is to attract email subscribers and email sign-ups don’t exclude written blog post 


So enough with the intro and explanation and let’s start…..


Each formula in this guide represents a different type of blog post you can use


Happy reading


Formula # 1: How To Guides And Tutorials


This kind of Blog Post guides your readers step-by-step through a particular process, showing them how to achieve the desired outcome.


Examples are: How To Lose Weight In 30 Days Or Less. How To Earn 5,000 Pesos In 1 Hour.


Make the title of the blog post engaging and fresh so readers will click on your blog. 


Also, it should be a good idea to include bullet points of the guide so readers can quickly scan your post and it’s friendly to the eyes


If you wanted to see a sample blog post of How To Guides And Tutorials on my website, you can click on these link to find out —


Formula # 2: News And Current Events


People are naturally nosy and wanted to know what’s happening around them, so it’s only natural that news and current events can attract curiosity and people will click on your blog.


But be mindful that this kind of blog is only effective while the event happened, and when the interest in the event dies out and so the blog post.


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So how can you start in this kind of blog post?


Write about relevant news and current events, and inserting your own thoughts and commentary.


The rule in this kind of blog is to write and publish fast, if you publish your blog post and interest in the event dies off, then your blog is worthless


Formula # 3: Controversy


Controversy, Scandals, and Mischiefs. 


No wonder celebrity magazine and gossip magazine makes money by providing their readers with scandals, controversy, and mischiefs.


Do you know Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? And how they opposed the status quo of the royal family in England? 


This is the story publishers want to gain exposure and creates lots of traffic to their sites


In order to write this kind of blog post. Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers and not overly offensive.


Formula # 4: Checklist


By helping your readers remember everything they need to about a particular subject by creating an in-depth checklist.


This kind of blog post is very helpful, also the other thing to complement this kind of blog post is to create a downloadable checklist. 



Create a checklist that readers can download and you can create an email sign-up form before they can download the checklist. 


This way your blog acts as a sign-up form to gain email subscribers that you can use when you want to push more content or promote your products and services to your email subscribers


Formula # 5: Listicles


Listicles are like a checklist


But instead of a checklist for how-to guides and tutorials, Listicles are an extensive list of items that are relevant to your readers.


As always when writing this kind of blog post number the list or use bullet points and ensure it’s listed in order


Formula # 6: Case Studies


Case Studies are the best way to show your readers how you or one of your customers achieved success during a specific timeframe.


This is useful if you’re selling a product and service that creates results. By using this kind of blog post you can off that what you’re promoting is effective and can bring in results for them.


To complement you can embed a video interview or a video of a person who uses your product or service explaining how effective it is.


Formula # 7: Profiles And Interviews


Profile or interview is a great way to show your readers that you are an expert and you are interviewing someone who would interest your readers.


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By interviewing someone who is popular in your niche it shows that you are an expert in the niche because someone who is popular won’t be accepting interviews from anybody.


When you are starting out, interview people who are just starting out as you do but achieved results and gradually ask popular people in your niche to be interviewed. 


If they can see that you interviewed some then they might likely say yes to an interview


If you wanted to see a sample of blog post have a look and click this link —- https://butchlirios.com/paano-magsimula-ng-negosyo-gamit-ang-facebook-ads-with-julian-canita/


Formula # 8: Expert Round-Up


This is again another type of Blog Post that can create an impression that you are an expert in your niche.


You can gather opinions from experts on a particular subject and compile them into a single post.


If you do this, it can be super valuable to your readers and they will click and read on the blog post that you have written.


It’s also a good idea if you can put video or a phone interview from the experts you interviewed


Formula # 9: Reviews And Comparison


Before anybody makes a purchase online, they go to a review site Before anybody purchases between two products they go to a comparison site


Review sites and product comparison sites are popular these days before anyone makes a purchase 


You can also use this kind of strategy if want to compare two different products and let your readers know which one is better, and why.


Formula # 10: Resource Round-Up


If you wanted to provide links to a large number of resources that are all related to a specific subject, then this kind of blog post is right for you.


This kind of blog post acts as a directory of links to different websites where your readers can get the resources that they need.


Formula # 11: Quote Round-Up


Everybody wants to read quotes to inspire 


If you wanted to make use of this strategy, then gather a large number of quotes that are all related to one topic and compile them into a single blog post


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Formula # 12: Behind The Scenes A Day In A Life

I remember most of my friends on Facebook do this, and most are trivial like what they had for breakfast.


But trivial aside this kind of blog post is effective if you wanted your readers to have a look behind the scenes of your life and business, giving them a snapshot of what a particular day looks like.


Formula # 13: Data-Backed Post 


In this kind of blog post, you can either do original research and write about it or write something based on research that was done by others.

Formula # 14: Inspirational Stories


This is an excellent strategy if you wanted your readers to relate to your business by using an inspirational story that is related to your business and furthers your business objectives.


You can use your own inspirational story or someone else that you interviewed


If you wanted to see an example click, this link — https://butchlirios.com/from-a-bank-manager-to-a-food-consultant-with-jane-vitorillo/


Formula # 15: Frequently Asked Questions


You can answer questions in your blog post that they frequently asked you either in person or chat or via email.


By doing this strategy it can save you time by answering questions over and over instead you can direct them to the blog post that answers all the questions


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Formula # 16: Top Takeaway


Provide your top takeaways from a particular book, conference, podcast, movie, or other items, and write a blog post about it


Formula # 17: Beginner’s Guide



This blog post formula has similarity to Formula # 1: How to Guides and Tutorials 


In this kind of blog post, you can create how-to posts that guide beginners through a particular set of actions or processes.



Use this 17 blog post formula to supercharge your blogging, and create traffic and engagement to your blog and websites. If this blog post helps your business creates sales and engagements, then you’re doing the right thing.



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