Let me grab this opportunity to tell you my life story.
Well, I wish I had a rag to riches story to tell you… but I don’t. 
Until now, I am still working hard to provide for my family.
I worked as an OFW, and as an OFW, I’m doing any job as long I earned money, including cleaning toilets and picking up dog shits in the streets.
I wish I had a push-button system to share with you that can make you rich, but I don’t have such wild tales.
I’m just an average guy who discovered internet marketing while surfing online, found it interesting, and went for it.
Save money and enrolled in online courses.
I did not stop there; I try to learn new skills in my spare time, like website design, web hosting, SEO, and online advertising. 
With, the knowledge and skills I gained
I started website design project gigs on Fiverr and 199jobs. 
In no time, I had orders coming in, and it is quite an enjoyable experience.
Later on, I tried to convince my employer to be part of their IT team to create and manage their websites. It’s only a per-project basis, but the experience and knowledge I gained are worthwhile.
That’s when I realized that most of our Kababayans are looking for ways to have an extra income while working.
Butch Lirios
So, I created this website https://butchlirios.com to share my knowledge and experience.
I focus the website on Information Product Business, but I also touched on other aspects like Stock Market Investing, Real Estate Investing, which I am also doing.
Then I created eBooks and courses so that interested people can buy my products and service.
I’ve tried to keep my website, one on one and personal. I like it that way.
I handle most of the support issues and answer all emails that I receive.
I will not pretend to have a big company or create an image of a corporation like so many people do. I like things simple.
Besides these, I am a family man and had two sons. I dedicate all of what I am doing to my family.
I also love watching Netflix! I’m the poster boy of watching waaaay too much Netflix, especially Kdrama! 
I watch them all!!! 
I guess that’s about it.
Thanks for checking out the man behind Digital Entrepinoy! 
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