What Is Digital EntrePinoy?

Digital EntrePinoy is for people who are looking for ideas on How To Start A Business With A Small Capital.
It was born because I cannot be an employee forever.
Until now I am still employed, but I am doing side income opportunities that I know someday will replace the income from my Job and be financially FREE.
On my website and my social media channels I will be sharing my experience on how to do this, kahit empleyado ka rin katulad ko
As long as you have the determination and self- belief you can do this.

A Short Bio About Me

I am a Full-Time Employee and after work I am web designer
Javascript, PHP, JQuery is not my thing, and I only use WordPress to create a website.
I believe a website is a tool to get the message across.
Messages a buyer can relate and ultimately buy your product and service.
And a platform that can be used to start a business.

Hi, I am Butch Lirios

Butch Lirios
When I started in the world of online marketing, I thought all the fancy marketing gimmicks would make me lots of money overnight.
So I bought all the latest software and products that said: ” You can make money online in a few days or less.”
Turns out it’s all a waste of money!
I was trapped in the “shiny object syndrome,” I always follow the latest gimmick that can make money online.
Then I realized it’s not the latest marketing gimmick or the latest marketing software.
It’s all about the “Connection”
It’s how clear my messaging is so my target audience won’t get confused.

"The Clearer The Messaging, The Stronger The Connection."

The Stronger The Connection, The Higher The Possibility That They ( my target audience) Will Buy My Product And Services And Becomes A Customer.

Are You Still Reading?

If you’re still here, probably you experienced the same and wanted to boost the conversion of your website.
I can help you change your messaging and improve on your marketing by making these changes.
The goal is to make your website do what is supposed to do for your business. Create leads and sales.

You Can Message Me Here, And Let's See If We Can Work Together.

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