"How a 43-year-old who is dumb with computers and don't know how to sell earned 53,000 Pesos in his first 3 months doing affiliate marketing".

How I Made My First Sales From 0 To 53,000 Pesos Using The Knowledge I Discovered."

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneurs,
I don’t have a product to sell
I am not good with computers. I only know how to turn it on, browse the internet and log in to my Facebook Account.
I also work Full Time doing night shift. 

The Video Course Is Worth It!

Super Valuable And Worth The Money

I Don't Think You'll Get This From Someone Else For This Price. Thank You Digital Entrepinoy
Mary Joyce
Mobile Phone Reseller
” Isama mo pa ang mga gawaing bahay at pag aalaga sa aking anak”
And, I am 43 Years Old when I started Affiliate Marketing.
Those shortcomings didn’t stop me from making income online. 
Because I know I can do it.
I am doing this making money online thing NOT for me , but for my family.
Ehem… “medyo malalim pinag huhugutan.”

After The Hype Is Gone

After doing a lot of research online, reading books and watching a lot of videos on Youtube.
I told myself, “this is it pansit, affiliate marketing is for me”
“Wala ng atrasan.”
I am so hyped up and I know I can do this. “lagi ko na nga syang napapa naginipan”
It’s Now Or Never.
So, what I did was, to fully commit myself, I bought my own website.
I applied all I learned into my website.
Then I wait
After 3 months nothing happened
4 to 5 months still nothing happened
It’s so frustrating, and I questioned myself, “Totoo ba talaga itong making money online thing na ito?”
The Hype is slowly drifting away

Reality Sinks In

It’s NOT easy to make money online.
After 6 Months “ni singko wala akong kinita”
Reality Sinks In
“I asked myself”.
“Is this for me?” 
So, I went back to the drawing board. And asked myself ” Where did I went wrong?”
I did some soul searching, and found flaws in my strategy. And  it’s time to fix it.

I love creating new business, and this ebook plus the video course gave me a new idea.

Posible palang kumita online gamit ang strategies na ito,kahit wala ka pang sariling product.

Kudos to you Butch for creating this!
Anisil Sunga
Cafe Owner

Then I Came To Realize

Malapit na akong magbayad for my domain and hosting for my website. I need to pay 5,000 Pesos in 1 month time
“Ni singkong duling wala pa rin akong kinikita.”
Then it strikes me
Ganito na lang ba?
Is it always hard to find buyers of my affiliate product?
Ok naman ang product ko, bakit walang nabili?
Then, I realized whats going wrong na parang bang umilaw yung lightbulb sa utak ko!
And this is what’s going wrong:
✔ I am suffering from Information Overload, all of the things na nababasa at napapanood ko about affiliate marketing, I am applying it all.
✔ I don’t have a Marketing Strategy.
✔ I am promoting every product I saw basta mataas ang commision.
✔ I don’t have a follow up strategy, when somebody visits my website and saw my affiliate product, I don’t have a system to follow it up.
✔ I am doing it just for the money and not to help people.

What Happened Next?

After correcting my mistakes my website can be seen in the first page of google.
This is one of my affiliate promotion, where I promote an online course for a business coach.
affiliate marketing bundle
This is my another affiliate promotion where I promote products of a freelancing guru
All of my affiliate promotions landed in the first page of google and when interested people search for this guru’s and business coach they will see my blog post first and read it.
After reading they will buy the product I am recommending or they will visit my blogpost again after I follow it up.
Everyday hundreds of people visit my website. 
As More and More people visit my website, my sales grow.
“Parang Tindahan, Pag Maraming Tao Sa Tindihan, Malaki Ang Posibilidad Na Maraming Bumili” 

An Amazing Opportunity

I made 53,000 Pesos in the first 3 months 
I will not lie to you that I earned millions in this business. But an extra 53,000 is a big deal for me.  And with my internet business, all together I earn 20,000 to 25,000 a month. This is a big help to me and my family.
Now, I can afford to take them on a cruise. 
internet business blueprint
I am Taking My Family To A 5 Day Cruise To Vietnam
But don’t get me wrong. My success in affiliate marketing did not happen overnight.
It is the result of lots of research, testing, mistakes, patience, and willingness to fail along the way.
I would like to remind that this is NOT a quick rich scheme

I am Revealing The Secret

Today, I want to share with you the proven strategies I used in building an Affiliate Marketing Business.
The same strategy I used to earn 53,000 Pesos in the first 3 Months.
It’s called The “Affiliate Marketing Secrets”
This E-Book can take you from 0 to 53,000 Pesos in Affiliate Marketing, and gain extra money every month promoting other peoples product and have the freedom, and peace of mind that you deserve.
But, before I tell you more about it, I wanted you to…..
  • Imagine operating your business from a laptop with low overhead, and high profit
  • Imagine operating your business on autopilot, so you can enjoy more time with yourself and your loved ones.
  • Imagine making money while your asleep or on vacation, and receiving streams of money from customers around the world.

Introducing.... Affiliate Marketing Secrets.

How To Make Your Your First Sale In Affiliate Marketing. From 0 to 53,000 Pesos in Affiliate Sales.

Affiliate Marketing Secrets

In This E-Book You Will....

Where you can see in Chapter 1 of the  The “Affiliate Marketing Secrets”
Affiliate Marketing Secrets by Butch Lirios
Where you can see in Chapter 10 of the  The “Affiliate Marketing Secrets”
Affiliate Marketing Secrets by Butch Lirios

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5. How To Find Products To Promote.

6. How To Write A Product Review.

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6. You Don't Need To Know Everything

7. Knowing Your Numbers.

8. Creating Audience Relationship.

9. How To Create Authority And Association.

10. Creating Value, Value, Value To Your Customers.

11. How To Reach Out To People Who Are In The Same Level Or Lower Than You.

12. How To Build Your List.

13. Where The Heck Is The Money?

14. The Secret To Scaling.

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What Others Are Saying

"I suffered from Information Overload and Shiny Object Syndrome, All the latest software I saw that promises to help me make money online, I will buy. After months of doing affiliate marketing I didn't make any sales. So, I can relate and yet the answer lies not in the software or latest tactics. It lies in this e-book ".
Marie Gatmaitan
Online Marketer/ Stay At Home Mom
"The online training alone is super worth it, parang yung e-book na lang ang bonus! Sa presyong parang bumili kalang ng bucket meal sa Jollibee. Super Value Packed! Thank You".
Grace Toralba

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