Want Success In Life? Then, You Should Avoid These People

Want Success In Life? Then, You Should Avoid These People

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(Last Updated On: April 18, 2020)
Do you want to be successful in life? Then avoid these types of people that can drag you down. The people you hang out with can impact your life.
“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  – Jim Rohn –
The people we call friends, they all influence the decisions we make in life, and therefore the success we have (or don’t have).
Not everyone pushes us to be better. Some people stop us from following our dreams, and we don’t always realize it’s happening consciously. It’s essential to be aware of who we spend time with, like these five types of people you should avoid when you want to be successful in life.


  1. The Whiners (People Who Always Complain )
Whiners are people who always complain about how bad their life or job or whatever it is. They always complain about how bad they’re day has been, they complain about their boss, their husband or everything and anything under the sun, but do nothing about it.
Being with a complainer can take a toll on you—maybe you join in on the complaints, and before you know it, you adopt their way of negative thinking.
That is contagious, which is why I think twice before hanging around with a complainer.


  1. The Entitled
These are the people who think it entitles them to certain things in life.
That other people around them owe them something.
They think they do not have to work for anything. An example of this are people who believe that the government should provide for them instead of them working for themselves.
These people block your determination and can kill your motivation.
If you want the good of a successful life,  you, or anyone else, are not entitled to anything, You Have To Create It.


  1. The Non-Dreamers
Non Dreamers are conformers. They are the ones who conform, they do not have any dreams to chase after, and they are not doing something that goes against the status quo.
They are living like robots—waking up, working at a job they hate, going home, sleeping, and doing it all over again.
There are many people who are like this, and you see them every day and everywhere.
But if you are a person who wants to be successful in life, you cannot conform to the average life. So while working at your full-time job, put in the extra effort to build toward something that’s more in line with your dreams.
And be able to leave your day job to pursue your passion full time.


  1. The Party Goers
Party Goers or Party Freaks are the one who’s planning happy hours five days a week, the one who goes out every night. Sure, the party animal lifestyle might be fun, but beware—they can distract you from your dreams.
You should take time to relax and clear your head, but bar hopping is not the solution, and the hangover will not get you to be successful.
By making partying a priority, you’re distracting yourself and breaking focus on your dream—think bigger than party, food, and beers.


  1. The Doubters
Doubters can be downers—they will listen to your big dreams, but they will be the first ones to tell you they don’t think it is a good idea.
They are the ones who believe you have to “be somebody” and need lots of money to do something great.
This can be very discouraging, so identifying the doubters in your group will be beneficial to you and your success.
It is crucial to keep supportive people around you, people who encourage you and lift your spirits when you are losing motivation.


Surround yourself with people who will support and encourage you to chase your dreams through the good and the bad.
Your success depends on it.
Nowadays you’re not only tied to where you live to meet like-minded people.
Start mixing with people that can motivate you by joining groups and forums online.
You can also hire a coach, even that person is on the other side of the world. The internet changed everything.
So, you have no more excuses NOW in avoiding those types of people that can stop you from achieving success!
Get rid of those people once and for all!
If you want to be the best of yourself, hang out with the best!
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