Do NOT Enroll In I.B.M.C Of Jon Orana

Do NOT Enroll In I.B.M.C Of Jon Orana

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Vendor: Jon Orana
PRO: Opens Up New Opportunity And Good Value For Money
CON: Expensive
(Last Updated On: September 27, 2021)
Do NOT enroll in I.B.M.C of Jon Orana until you read this.
Maybe you clicked a link asking you to download a free report on how to create income online from selling e-books. You download the free report read it, and was invited to enroll in IBMC or internet business master class of Jon Orana.
Now, after a lot of questions in your head. Scam ba ito? Totoo kaya ito? Talaga bang kikita ka sa online business? Sino ba si Jon Orana? Ang mahal naman ng course!
All of the questions plus the last one, which is not a question, go through your head, thinking, will I take the course or not?
Of course, you need to validate and re-validate as the course is not cheap, buti sana kung hundred pesos lang.
Anyway, I enrolled in IBMC back in August 2016. It focuses on selling e-books online, but in my experience, it’s only the tip of the iceberg, because it gives you a new perspective about online marketing, and gives me an idea on how to start an information product business, and as I pursue my business, it opened to new possibilities.


UPDATE: The Link To IBMC of Jon Orana is NOT available from this blog.

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Now I don’t recommend the course If……..


1. You are NOT an Action Taker.
The difference between a dream and success is action. If what you do is complain about your situation. Bad trip Boss ko, Ayoko na sa trabaho ko nakakasawa na, ganun na lang palagi. etc etc etc. If you wanted to change your situation then its time to do something about it. You need to take action.
A good intention in changing your situation is not enough; you need to put that intention into action.
The same with IBMC, it’s like your college. Kung hindi ka mag aaral babagsak ka.
And after graduation meron ka ba agad na high-paying job?
Or worse baka wala kang trabaho for months and months.
IBMC will not take you four years to complete, but it will give you a new perspective about creating income online and open up a unique opportunity.


2. You are NOT willing to learn.
I’ll go back to those days na nag aaral palang ako. It makes me think ganun napala ako katanda, hehehe.
I hate studying; that’s why I failed my exams. In life, it’s NOT the same. In school, you get branded pag pasang awa ka lang,
In life, if you fail and learn from those mistakes, you’ll get better and stronger the next time.
IBMC, as I said, will give you a solid foundation in starting an online business, but doesn’t guarantee an easy path.
To tell you honestly, you will face difficult challenges because the idea and concept are new for many people. Again if you’re not willing to learn new ideas and also learn from your mistake, then the course is not for you.


UPDATE: The Link To IBMC of Jon Orana is NOT available from this blog. Why NOT download my FREE Ebook Instead.

do not enroll in jon orana internet business master class
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3. You believe in Quick Rich Scheme.
There is no such thing. You need to work hard, fail, and get up.
Many Pinoys buy lottery tickets thinking makaka jackpot din ako. O kaya, kung hindi ako tataya hindi ako mananalo.
But, winning a lottery is one in a million. The probability of being bitten by an Askal is more than likely.


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Again if you believe in instant Yaman and Scratch Cards, buy the lotto tickets instead of getting the course.


4. You are NOT dedicated.
Not just dedication but also consistency. In this online marketing business, you need to be dedicated and consistent.
There are billions of websites out there competing for presence every day. If you’re not dedicated and consistent, you will be left out, you won’t get views and shares, mapupunta ka sa pinaka ilalalim and never to be seen.


Having dedication and consistency is a must. If you have this attitude, then this course is for you.
With all the things I said by now you might have second thoughts. But trust me, if you wanted to adapt to the changing way of conducting business and the changing ways of selling products, you need to enroll in this course.
Why do you think Amazon is crushing retail giants like Walmart in the U.S?  Bakit marami nang nabili Online? Many are transacting Online too, Sana lang wag nang maulit ung BPI computer glitch.
Anyway, it’s because of the internet! and the trend is changing.
The majority of businesses in the future will be done online. And if you wanted to adopt you need to follow where the trend is going. The best thing to do is to learn how to do it, and you have the opportunity now!


Let me show some testimonials from past I.B.M.C graduates and the excitement they got after getting their first sale using the knowledge they learn from the course.


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do not enroll in ibmc of jon orana

do not enroll in ibmc of jon orana



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This bonus alone is 52,000 PHP worth in value. When I started I don’t know all about the technicalities of setting up a website so I hired freelancers to set up my website and web pages, and it cost me a lot.

Also, I pay for tools to do online marketing. But now you got the privilege of me helping you to do that for FREE, again only if you buy from my link. 
Important: Please email me a copy of your enrollment receipt then contact me when you’re in your 4th week and become a member of the IBMC Facebook group so I can prepare your login details to access your lifetime subscription of Profit Canvas.
do not enroll in jon orana internet business master class
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Here’s what will you get when you enroll in I.B.M.C.
* Eight LIVE Webinar and Mentoring Session – Every week (see schedule) Jon will teach you step-by-step on how to build an Internet business from scratch. 
* 8-Week Email Coaching – He’ll give you his personal email so you can have direct access to him. Email him anytime and ask him anything about Internet business.
* Eight 60-minute Question and Answer (Q and A) Sessions – After each mentoring session, you’ll have an opportunity to ask him any question live. 
* Video and Audio Recording – You’ll get a downloadable copy of each webinar. 
* Ultimate Template Toolkit – He’ll give his [FILL-IN-THE-BLANK] templates, checklists, and documents that he used to start and build a multi-million peso business. All you have to do is copy and paste these documents and use them for your business. It’s a sure time-saver. 
* Exclusive Access To IBMC Membership Site – The membership site contains a library of training videos, audios, and materials to help you grow your online business fast. 
* Free Membership To PRIVATE Facebook Group – Have your like-minded support group and family that will guide and encourage you.
Enroll Now before the Registration Close.
do not enroll in jon orana internet business master class
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Any questions feel free to contact me, usap tayo. Contact Me Here

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21 Responses

  1. Glenn velasco
    | Reply

    will you be honest po kung ilang percentage ng mga naging students ni sir jon sa ebook business ang naging successful?parang kagaya kasi sa networking na puro successful testimonials ang pinopost pero yung success rate sa course e di binabanggit…

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Small percentage lang, most you see online promoting his course is to make commission kaya pinupush nilang bumili.

      That’s why I created a Free Course, pretty much the same what’s you can get from IBMC pero free.

      So you can spend your money on website etc. if you wanted to do this business

  2. AkosiIalem
    | Reply

    I am very skeptical about this because the fee is no joke, but thanks for your input. I have a question though, I hope you would be able to reply on this one. I have watched your video about the 5 things you learn from Jon/the course and you talked about the niche. So, when one decided to take on a particular niche, does it mean you have to be an/or you already are an expert about it? Sorry, if my question sounds dumb, but I do want you to answer it. From what I understand, kapag gumawa ka ng isang e-book, it’s pretty much like writing a book. So kung magsusulat ka ng isang e-book about a particular niche, dapat bang marami ka ng alam sa niche na yun? Hindi po ako techy na tao, but for me mas mahirap magsulat kaysa sa matutunan ang paggawa ng website which is by the way is accessible thru different sites online. At ano po ba talaga ang focus ng course na ito? Online marketing strategies po ba na concentrated sa pagbebenta ng e-book o mas malalim pa po doon? Salamat po.

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply


      You don’t need to be an expert to pursue a particular niche, but you need to be knowledgeable about that niche. People nowadays can discern if you really know what you are talking about or not.

      In regards naman sa course ni Jon Orana, yes it’s pricey, that’s why I created a free course on youtube that discusses in a similar way yung course nya. You can check it out here and learn without spending a penny —-

  3. Rami
    | Reply

    Hi! It seems Jon Orana’s masterclass is promising. But how come I don’t see his ebooks when I do a quick search on Google? I’m aware that he started out with an ebook on bible verses. But how why are the links no longer available? Why aren’t there any ebooks pointing to him directly when I do a quick search? Only the IMBC and Negosyo University turn up in searches. His claim to fame is selling millions of copies. How many ebooks has he published so far? Thanks! P.S. Are you still doing affiliate marketing? And can you share any current progress? Thanks!

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Hi Rami,

      When it comes to his eBooks, sorry I cannot answer that as I don’t know why he stops publishing those eBooks. As for your question about affiliate marketing. Yes I still do it, you can visit my Youtube Channel here and watch my Free Courses —

    • Ace
      | Reply

      Hi– Just want to chime in the discussion.

      The reason he’s not selling ebooks anymore is because it takes effort to keep publishing the ebooks and he has moved on to a different internet business which is coaching hence the Negosyo University and IBMC. His success is legit though and throughout the course he will show the actual steps on how he did it.

      I am Batch 50 and before I joined I was also trying to gauge if it will be the right fit for me. What Butch outlined in his article is true. The IBMC course will open your eyes on the possibilities of the internet business. Ebook is just the tip and the simplest way to begin but there are other digital products that you can get into. IBMC gives the foundation for that.

      But as for the technical – this is something you will figure out on your own. There’s no one size fits all. There are resources on how to setup the technical aspect of the business provided by IBMC but this is after the 8 week training. Plus, with the fast changes in technology (there are new rules and new providers all the time), the technical videos from two- or even a year ago- are becoming obsolete.

      In the end, to truly succeed in this course, be ready to become self-sufficient and work hard.

  4. Acielle Angeli Garcera
    | Reply

    After reading your article and the comments — I have decided to enroll in the course. 🙂

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Nice one Acielle, Goodluck with your new endeavor

  5. Ace
    | Reply

    Hi Butch

    Thank you for your post. I am considering enrolling in Jon Orana’s course. I honestly believe that with diligence I can make it. The investment — which is at 30k now — is (I pray) worth it.

    I will keep your link in my bookmarks so when I finish the 4th week — request access to your tool. 🙂

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Hi Ace,

      The promo is no longer available, but ill be happy to give you access to the tool


  6. Sam Samio
    | Reply

    Hi Sir,

    I was an IBMC student before, and I can say that this DOES NOT WORK specially if you are not that tech savvy. Kawawa dito yung mga tao na walang alam sa pag establish ng website nila . Kahit na sabihin mo na may IBMC Facebook group to support them, hindi naman nakakatulong for them. In the end, hindi magkaroon ng progress yung tao and wala syang profit.

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Sorry to hear that Sam

      I know IBMC is expensive and walang ganung support when I enrolled, ngayon yata meron na. Hindi lang ako sure.

      If you need help with technicalities at na abala ka nito when you enrolled and stop your progress, message me and I will help you 😊

  7. Alex
    | Reply

    you and Jon Orana is a scammer. his strategy don’t works he earn money through the enrollment to his ibmc

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Hi Alex,

      I could provide you with the needed information for FREE if you wanted to pursue this business, like what you get in IBMC. All you need to do is invest in the tools and time. So I can show you that we and this kind of business is not a scam.

      Sounds good? Send me a message

    • Manuel Jasper Zamora
      | Reply

      Hi Sir,affiliate marketer ako at nagtry na rin ako ng ebook. Sad to say ,paid training courses like this are not really worth it. You can just buy your own tools

      • Butch Lirios
        | Reply

        Hi, Manuel/Alex sorry to hear your experience, it’s good if you invest in tools kasi kailangan naman talaga.

        Ang importance kasi ng online courses is may direction agad ang business, unlike pag “do it yourself” mag trial and error at mas prone sa failure. That’s why many people will say it doesn’t work, kasi they just rely on free stuff at hindi nag invest sa knowledge on how to properly set it up

        If you want, feel free to message me and let’s see how can I help your ebook business 😊

      • Del dela cruz
        | Reply

        Good day.
        Sir ask ko lang po yung sinasabi mo na mga tools na pwede bilhin for e book ? Sounds convincing kc yung free webinar ni sir jon, kaya lang sa nabasa ko sa comment nyo parang wala yata concrete support para sa mga nag enroll sa e book. Yung aalalayan ka hanggang sa makatapos at mai publish mo ang e book mo. Correct me sir if im wrong. Salamat

        • Butch Lirios
          | Reply

          Hi Manuel,

          Yung one-to-one support from creating and publishing your ebook, walang ganun sa IBMC. Merong mga videos na pwede kang sundun within your online account pag nag enroll ka and pwede ka magtanong from the Private FB group. Pero ikaw parin ang gagawa

          Also the website and the tools you will need to start hindi provided yan

  8. Alvin
    | Reply

    Every website or page doing review of Jon Orana courses seems to have two things in common, (1)links directing to his ebook or course registration, and all are (2) people who enrolled to his course endorsing the guru and his product. My question is.. does the course you bought which you are now selling to others gives you ,commission’ for successful referrals? This appears to be the scheme because if you really doing honest review, you dont have to do something like selling links for us to click.

    • Butch Lirios
      | Reply

      Hi Alvin,

      If you read my blog it doesn’t have a link directing to his course or ebook. The link you are directed to is my own link and my own ebook.

      Also, Iam endorsing his course because it works! Its not a scheme. Its no different from word of mouth referral. The product works so I endorse it, that simple 😀

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