Empleyado Noon, Full-Time Business Owner Ngayon

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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2020)

How will you know it’s time to quit your job?

That’s what happened to Jeffry…..

He had enough of office politics, he’s job is ruining his health, at isama mo pa ang dreadful traffic sa Manila.

These are the triggers that made him quit his job.

And went full time in his online business.

Mind you, it’s not an easy ride, but he said he didn’t regret and never look back.

He is now the co-founder of The Budgetarian Bride.

Where they teach soon to be weds, plan their wedding without hiring the expensive service of a wedding planner.

They sell ebooks and guides on their website.

Learn about Jeffry’s story…

And welcome to another episode of Usapang Online Biz.

Watch the video below.




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