From A Bank Manager To A Food Consultant With Jane Vitorillo

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(Last Updated On: March 17, 2021)

How will you feel if you need to resign from your high-paying job?

Ganyan ang ginawa ni Jane Vitorillo

Jane is a former bank manager, and because her son got ADHD, he needs someone to be with him all the time.

And she resigned from her high-paying job.

But she had a mission even before she resigned.

She needs to earn more, more than she is making from her job.

And that’s why she started an Information Product Business, selling courses and online recipes from their restaurant, Vitorillos Kitchen in Davao City.

After a lot of struggles online, because she’s not a techy person.

She finally launched where she teaches recipes for weight loss and recipes for people who wanted to start a food business with her two chefs

Watch her interview dahil marami kang matututunan dito

It will show you that if you have the determination and the will to make it, the impossible is possible.

Sino bang bibili ng recipe eh ang dami na nyan sa Youtube, libre pa!

Pero meron!

That’s what Jane told me during our talk

Click the video below to learn how she did it.

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