How To Start An Internet Business

Are You An Entrepreneur Or A Business Owner?

Do You Want More Sales And Find Potential Clients For Your Business?

"There Is A GoldMine Out There. But, You Don't Need A Shovel Or Heavy Equipment! All You Need Is A Website To Hit Your First Gold."

We Are Living In The Information Age My Friend
The Internet Creates Lots Of Opportunities. And This Is Where The Gold Is
It’s Called Digital Gold Rush
The Internet Can Turn Ordinary People Into Millionaires
People Like ” You And Me”
I Don’t Know About You, But…
Do You Know Mark Zuckerberg? The Co-Founder And C.E.O Of Facebook. 
He’s A College Drop Out
But Look At Him Now, A Multimillionaire.
It’s All Because Of The Internet
Rich Or Poor, College Graduate Or Not
Over 60’s Or Teenager
It Doesn’t Matter Where You Live Or Where You Are
The Internet Leveled The Playing Field.
And, That’s Good News For Ordinary People Like Us

So What Is It For You?

Glad You Asked.
Imagine You Are A Business Owner
An Entrepreneur
And Your Goal Is To Find Potential Clients And Drive Sales
You Can Use Facebook Or Google To Promote Your Products And Service
You Can Use Email To Talk To Your Clients And Convince Them To Buy Your Products And Service
You Can Also Promote Your Business By Publishing A Blog Post
All Of This Are Possible Because Of The Internet
But All This Strategy, Are Useless
If You Don’t Have……
A Website

A Website For Your Business

Why Need A Website?
A Website Is An Extension Of Your Business Card.
And If Your Business Is Not Visible On The Internet
They Will Go To Your Competitor
Who Has A Website.
Having A Website For Your Business Will Make Your Business Look Professional
A Website Is Like A Physical Store For Your Products And Service.
Which Includes A Store Assistant
That Don’t Take A Break,
And Don’t Complain 
They Are Open For Business Every Single Day Of The Year And Can Take Payments And Orders, Even You Are Asleep.
They Can Also Promote And Sell Your Product And Services Globally…
That’s A Website For Your Business.

Why Bother If It Is FREE

Why Need A Website?
Facebook Pages And Groups Are FREE!
Put YouTube In The Mix, And It’s Also FREE
Yes, They Are All FREE
It’s Not Yours,
It’s A Privilege
They Shut Your Account, If They Wanted To
And, If You ONLY Establish Your Business In This Platform
Your Business Will Be Gone, If They Shut You Down
All Those Hard Work Will Go To Waste
As The Saying Goes….
“Don’t Establish Your Business On Rented Ground”
Facebook Can Unfriend You, 
Google Can Kick You
But, A Website
Will Be Loyal To You
Because It’s Yours

Not An Ordinary Website

A Website That Automatically Plays Music?
Scrolling Picture Effect?
You Don’t Need All Of This
Unless You Want To Play Around
If You Want To Find Potential Clients Online
Drive More Sales
Create Conversions
What You Need…
Is A Website That Sells For Your Business
A Website That Can Talk To Your Potential Clients
Know Their Pains
And Offer Solutions To Solve Their Pressing Problems
That My Friend Is A Website That Sells For Your Business
Build a website service

A Website That Sells!

“Show Me The Money
Sound Familiar?
The Reason Why Online Businesses Fail Is Because Of This
Consumers Are Smart, Way Smarter Than Before
If You Think They Will Rush To The Bank To Pay For Your Products And Services…. 
You Are Wrong
“Consumers Are Becoming Seller Aware To Seller Beware”
That’s Why You Always Hear Words Like…..
“Is It A Scam?”
“Is it Legit?”
“Trust In The Online World” is slowly coming to extinction

Cutting Through The Noise

It’s Noisy Out There
People Claims To Be Expert And Gurus Online
It’s Everywhere
In Their Posts,Tweets, Blogs.
How Can You Stand Out And Still Make Sales?
And Cut Through The Noise?
“Provide Value First And The Money Will Follow”
Consumers Will More Than Likely Open Their Wallet If They TRUST You!
Sounds Good To You?
Then Read On…
Build a website service
If You Like The Strategy I Mentioned
We Can Work Together.
And Help Your Business Cut Through The Noise.
Establish “Trust” To Your Ideal Customer
“And Create A Website That Sells For Your Business”
For Serious Business People Only
If You Are Serious About Your Business.
And Wanted To Create An Impact Online
Let’s Have A Chat And See How Can I Help You 
"Work delivered is far beyond expectation. The seller is honest, friendly, and open-minded. He works diligently on the job! Will surely hire him again".
"Butch is very patient with my instructions in building my site from scratch. He delivers his promises. I’m amazed that my site is running within 2 days after I ordered. He works with effectiveness and efficiency. He’s a man with a good intention to help his clients meet their needs. Highly recommended!"
"Highly recommended....very supportive and understanding sa needs ng client specially to newbie like me....."
"Sir butch thank you so much sa pagawa ng website ko ha.. laking tulong ng mga tutorial mo. worth it talaga ang payment ko sayo.salamat talaga. ☺"
Jordan Quirimit
"Good Job. Whenever you look for someone that could help you do a certain job. You need someone who is dedicated and willing to go extra miles to solve the concern that you have. I recommend Butch for your next project..."
Hobusa Realty
"Easy to work, give what you want, and give also bonuses...thanks a lot...."
Richard Arce

What Can You Expect?

We Will Discover What’s Missing In Your Website
Drive Leads And Sales Using 3 Steps
1. We, Will, Make Sure That Your Website Knows What It Should Do, Without Leaving Your Website Visitors Confused.
We Will Discover Your Websites “Clarity Of What It Do And What It Offer”
2. Why Will They Choose You Instead Of Your Competitors?
We Will Discover the “Clarity On Your Websites Value Proposition”
3. We, Will, Create A Clear Strategy For You To Follow
There You Go.
Expect Leads And Sales To Pour In After Applying This 3 Steps And Establish “Trust” To Your Ideal Customer
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