How To Use Content Marketing For Your Online Business

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(Last Updated On: May 28, 2021)



What Is Content Marketing?


According to Google: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and keep a clearly defined audience. It ultimately aims to drive profitable customer action.

Why people buy when Kris Aquino endorses a product?



Because she had a large following and people who follow her believes in her

Now let’s connect that to your online business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re online business is selling T-shirts, bracelets, e-books, or an online course. It’s still the same.

People buy from you because they believe you. They follow you because they believe in what you say and do.

It’s also called a brand.

People follow and buy from brands they trust.

And for people to trust and follow your online business, you need to have a strategy in place, and that’s where content marketing can be used.




By creating content valuable to your audience, content marketing makes your online business likable and trustworthy.

Content marketing takes time, but the effect on your online business is lasting.

You can also use social media ads and search ads to make your content marketing strategy effective and become known by many people in a short amount of time.

But if budget is an issue, you can settle for organic reach. But be sure to bring a lot of patience because you’re going to need it.


What Are Examples Of Content Marketing


Content marketing is providing value to your audience. And in your online business, it’s writing valuable content or publishing video content your audience can use in their daily lives.

The examples that are given here are not examples but are vehicles or ways to promote your content. And this can be in the form of.

. Blog Post or Articles

. Email Newsletter

. Social Media Post

. YouTube Videos

. Videos Embedded In Your Website

. Free Ebooks

. Free Online Courses or Training

If you notice, the content marketing examples I mention are all free.

If you make your online marketing strategy from day one as paid and don’t have any following yet, your online business will fail and will not make a sale.

That’s because your online business should be likable and trusted first before you sell anything.

Provide value, and sales will follow. That should be the first rule of your online business.

So, if you want to make your content marketing strategy effective for your online business, publish and give away valuable information for free.

Even if you think it will hurt your pocket and your ego


Content Marketing Vs. Paid Ads


Content marketing and Paid ads should help and complement each other.

There are many online businesses out there that uses Paid ads for conversion or to make a sale.

Paid ads are a great way to make your product seen by many people, especially today, where Facebook ads are popular. Many gurus in the Philippines are teaching how effective Facebook ads for your business.

But I will go back to what I mentioned earlier. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on Facebook ads. Even you spend millions of pesos. It doesn’t matter. If you don’t have a following yet and people don’t know your online business, it will not make a sale.




Instead of using Facebook ads or paid ads to sell, use it to promote your content first for free, and expecting no sales.

I know it’s hard to grasp, because why start a business if it doesn’t generate any sales?

I don’t understand it at first…

When I started promoting my product, I spend money on ads thinking the paid ads will create magic and give me loads of money.

But it didn’t happen.

So if you started your online business and spend money on ads without a following yet, then STOP spending, and focus on content marketing.

It will take time. That’s why you need lots of patience.

That’s why my advice to everybody who wanted to start an online business is “Not To Quit Your Day Job.”  Learn your business first, and do it on the side.


Create a Time Management Plan in 6 Easy Steps


And if your online business go sideways, you have a job that you can go back to


How Can Content Marketing Help Your Online Business?


To help you with your content marketing strategy, I invited Faith Dayrit, a content marketing strategist, to give us the ins and out of content marketing for your online business.

Faith works with Fervil Von, an SEO specialist, and together they run a company called Semblitz.

There are many golden nuggets in this interview, and it will be a waste if you don’t watch it.

Be sure to watch my interview as you will learn many things about content marketing.

This a two-part interview, and I will release part 2 later on.

If you’re thinking of taking your online business to a new level, watch the interview below to learn how



Watch Part 2 of My Interview below.





In reality, running an online business requires hard work. You need effort and time to make it work.

Don’t believe online gurus telling you, that you can make money in an online business instantly.

Na para bang instant noodles, add boiling water, and money will keep coming in.

Selling ebooks, courses, online training, Shopify, and e-commerce are all the same. You won’t be making any money overnight. It’s a fact.

Starting an online business is not a quick-rich scheme that you can compare from buying a lotto ticket, and you became lucky and struck it rich.

In any business, offline and online, there is no such thing as luck.

If you rely on luck, then an online business is not for you.

A good number of people following your online business and ……

People trusting your business and believes in what you say and do makes the sale.

But be prepared to roll your sleeve to make it work.

Because you will face frustrations and challenges along the way

But if you have the mindset and the faith that your online business will be a success, then nobody can stop you.

Include a good content marketing strategy in your online business, and you are on your way to making your business a success.

Good luck with your online business, and make your business work for you by providing value to your audience and customers.

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