How I Challenged My Money Habits. My Personal Financial Experience.

How I Challenged My Money Habits. My Personal Financial Experience.

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2021)
How I Challenged My Money Habits. My Personal Financial Experience.
When it comes to my finances, experience plays a big part as it becomes my teacher.
Do you know the saying? “Experience is the best teacher. “But, as a teacher that tells you what to do and NOT what to do,
I still do what I wanted to do. In short, I was stubborn back then,
I thought I can manage and break through. I was wrong. That’s why I ended up in massive debt!
Debt is a result of a lack of financial knowledge and NOT a lack of money. I wrote a blog about my personal debt experience HERE. You can download my FREE eBook on the 4 ways that helped me motivate myself to pay off my debt. Download Below.


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I learned that to change my present situation, I need to change my perspective on life. I started reading books about personal finance.
Join groups online and talk to like-minded people. It was a wonderful experience for me. It changed my thinking, and it slowly changed my life.
Today, I overcome the challenges of my debt problem and begin the next chapter of my financial life, which is Investingg.
I worked as an OFW.
I work abroad like many Filipinos do, to provide a good life for my family back home. I realized that however big my salary is, compared to the average employee in the Philippines, a job is not a solution to my money problems.
When I had my first son five years ago, I told myself I need to hustle and create additional income otherwise the salary that I am earning will not be sufficient when he grows older.
I started small businesses and ventures, a business that even I am not physically in the Philippines will still earn income. I started learning new skills especially building and creating websites for clients in my spare time or after work and started freelancing, Check out my Blog HERE.
After a while, I realized I could turn my passion and know-how, and experiences into profit, and I tried information publishing or information product business.
If you wanted to know how you can start your own business for a small capital using only a laptop and internet check out my Blog HERE. Or you can subscribe below to get my FREE E-Book and verify if this kind of business is right for you.


Then I ventured into real estate investing, especially condominiums for investment.
If you wanted to know the 3 ways I did to validate if the condo unit you are planning to buy in the Philippines has the potential to create an income, you can check out my blog HERE. Or you can download my FREE eBook below before handing over that hard-earned money of yours for a down payment.

I Challenged My Money Habits. My Personal Financial Experience

I Challenged My Money Habits. My Personal Financial Experience
Download my FREE eBook on the 3 Ways To Turn A Condo Unit Into A Money Machine.


As Zig Ziglar said, “ If you are NOT willing to learn, no one can help you. But if you are willing to learn NO ONE can stop you”.
When I started improving my personal finances, I thought I need to focus on how much money I got. Money that I got in my savings account.
I soon realized that If I wanted to improve my personal finances, I need to improve my financial knowledge.
What is important to me now is NOT what I have, but what I know about finance. 
So, If you are experiencing what I experienced before, got into serious debt and in a financial mess. Never give up.
Don’t lose hope. Put your focus on the prize. Ask yourself you’re bigger. WHY?
Why do you want to pay off your debt? Why do you want to improve your financial situation?
It should be bigger than YOU.
Do it for the benefit of your family and loved ones.
Focus on that WHY of yours instead of focussing too much on the money.
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