"This is the business of the decade, grab this opportunity before it's too late"

the secret why "information is the new gold" and how ordinary people can profit from it.

Forbes Reported that the "Information Product Industry" will be worth 107 Billion USD a year!

And...... How a broke 43-year-old O.F.W. who didn’t know about computers and didn’t graduate from college used “INFORMATION” to create an opportunity by using a "SIMPLE IDEA".

That allowed him to 10x his income and go on vacation for 5 months to spend time with his family

You Won't Get Bankrupt By Buying This

Nabawi ko na nga by following your training

Generous pati yung training mo, it's like those Courses that I saw online na 20x the price.
At ang dami mong bonus materials na prinovide, duon palang bawi na agad.
And that helped me earn income in this business.

I highly recommend this training without being bankrupt

Rowena S. Martelino
Small Business Owner
I work as a "Bartender" abroad and I always dream of having my own restaurant and bistro bar. Ayaw ko namang maging empleyado for the rest of my life.

This ebook allows me to share yung alam ko at gusto kong gawin and magkaroon ng extra income from it. It made me realized na posible palang kumita by just sharing your idea at passion using the internet.

It also allows me to test my business idea. Dahil pag nagkaroon na ako ng malaking capital
I still wanted to pursue my dream of having a resto bistro bar.

Napaka helpful nung bonus ebook na Niche Selection dahil it made me find kung sino ang target market ko
Cherrielynne Dela Cruz Perez
Gusto kong Ishare yung experience, hirap, pagod at frustrations ko on raising my Autistic Child.

Marami din palang makikinig at magbabasa ng post ko at blog.

Bakit ba sila nagbabasa ng blogs ko dahil nakaka relate sila. We share the same experience and pains.

Thank you Sir Butch for the guidance and your service extends even after nabili ko na yung ebook.Nandyan parin kayo to support me.

Jesusa Santos De Guia ( Seng )
Loving Mother To An Autistic Child

what big name companies say about the use of "information" in their business.

information is the new gold
Information is the new gold
information is the new gold


but you don't need to be big to make this an opportunity

When i started. i am a broke 43 year old o.f.w. who didn't know about computers and didn't graduate from college.

Butch know's what's he's doing. He is full of wisdom and knowledge in this market.

This ebook gives me the desire to do this business so I can go out of my prison of the corporate world.

As a mother of three children and a husband who is always out of the country, this ebook makes me desire for something better for my family.

He inspires me with this ebook to learn more and research more for the market that I wanted to serve and I wanted to help.

Noy Rilen Tilos
Mother of Three Kids

Let me tell you my story......

Dear Fellow Kababayan,
I always thought that being an employee is the only way to earn, Period.
I was working since college, after school , I worked from 7pm to 12 midnight in a fast food restaurant.
Wala akong choice, my Father died when I was 18 years old and I need to find ways to help my Mum with my college expenses.
Unfortunately, I didn’t finish college
Our families financial situation required me to look for a Job to help my brothers and sister with their school expenses.
I was the eldest so I need to sacrifice and step up. 
So I look for full time Jobs, luckily I found one
When I got my First Job, I was ecstatic. Finally “matutulungan ko na ang Nanay ko at mga kapatid ko sa mga gastusin” 

It Was Short Lived

After 2 years of working for the company. I was told by my Manager that the company is downsizing. And since I was the newest employee. I need to go. They have this policy na ” Last In First Out”
My Mum even beg to my Manager NOT to lay me off, Pero wala din. I understand because my Manager is also an employee of the company.
So, I began to look for another Job
By 2002, I went abroad to work. I was 28 years old.

"Job Security" It's An Illusion

It was nice working abroad, Dollars ang kita. I was earning 4x more compared to what I am earning sa Pilipinas.
Until….. 2016
The company I am working went bankrupt, and I was laid off. 
“History repeats itself”, it applies to me for some reason. Malas yata ako. Ang saklap pala, the second time around
I need to give up my Car, subscription ko sa Netflix at kinailangan ko ring ibenta ang Flatscreen T.V ko Gaming Consoles at Mountain Bike.
Sinabi ko rin sa Misis ko na mahihirapan akong magpadala ng pera, tiis tiis muna, that’s what I told them, it breaks my heart. But, what can I do?
In short I was broke
Worse we had a 3 year old son. Paano na?
This downsizing and bankruptcies it’s happening everywhere kahit sa ibang bansa pa.
Now I realized that Job Security is an illusion. 
To the companies I worked, I am just part of the number. No matter how hard I worked, balewala lahat yun, If they don’t need my service, they can just fire me. 
In the end, they need to protect their Profits. Yun ang mas importante sa kanila.

No Choice...eh

I worked as a Dish Washer and a Janitor in a restaurant. Yun ang mabilis na paraan para mag ka trabaho.
Instead of taking the bus I walk 3 miles everyday to go to work, to save money
Then it strikes me
Ganito na lang ba ako?
Do I always need to rely on my Job for income? What if I have a second income? if I lose my Job then I have a back up.
What if I started my own business? A business that I can manage even I am a Full Time Employee.
Those are the ideas that goes in my mind
Sounds good ” I told myself” Pero, how can I do it? Paano?
I started reading books and researching the internet for answers. 
My brain cannot handle it, there’s too much information and it’s making me confused. Ang Sakit Sa Ulo 

Desperation = Opportunity

There’s too much information on the internet about starting a business.
I thought about starting a food cart business, networking business, lending business.
But, those business requires me to  invest big capital, although “I think” I can manage those business even I am employed, the big capital hinders me from starting, as I don’t have enough money in the first place.
While reading a blog post on the internet It said “capital or money is the last thing you need in starting a business,financial education should be the priority” dinagdag pa na “educate yourself first before starting any business”
Nabuhayan ako!
Hindi pala priority ang capital o pera to start a business.

There's Money To Be Made In Information

While researching online, I learned that I can start an Internet Business Selling Digital Products.
Ano nga ba yung Digital Products?
This are ebooks, courses, video presentation. So I will be selling information? I told myself.
Sino makikinig o magbabasa ng products ko eh undergrad lang ako! Remember : I didn’t finish college.
After thinking hard about it
I finally made up my mind to pursue the business, because of its convenience, kahit nasaan ako I can just bring my laptop with me, as long there is an internet connection I can manage the business.
No inventory, since its digital I can just save it to my laptop and when people buy they can just download.
Super low start up cost, A website only cost 220 peso a month, that’s it
After thinking about it for months, I thought about writing an ebook to help people get out of debt. I told myself I got a winning product dahil maraming taong baon sa utang, so maraming bibili at magbabasa.
I tried starting the business using all the FREE Information available online. after months and months of figuring out myself, I gave up.
Mahirap pala,
I need a proven blueprint to follow.
Out of desperation to have my own business, I enrolled in a training program that cost me 27,000 pesos
I was that desperate for guidance,
I need to work more hours just to pay for the training
But, that desperation becomes an opportunity, Want To Know Why?

An Amazing Opportunity

After doing the business for a few months, I made 7,000 pesos. The next month 12,000 pesos and then on the third month it’s 28,000 pesos.
I will not lie to you that I earned millions in this business. But an extra 20,000 to 25,000 a month is a big help to my family.
Now, I can afford to take them on a cruise. 
internet business blueprint
I am Taking My Family To A 5 Day Cruise To Vietnam
But don’t get me wrong. My success didn’t happen overnight.
It is the result of lots of research, testing, mistakes, patience, and willingness to fail along the way.
I would like to remind that this is NOT a quick rich scheme

I am Revealing The Secret

Today, I want to share with you the proven strategies I used in building an Internet Business.
The same strategy I used to earn extra money every month.
It’s called: “Information Product Biz Booster,”. Online Video Training
This Online Training can take your idea into a thriving business.
You can level up from being an employee who only relies on one income to an Internet Entrepreneur where you gain extra money every month, freedom, and peace of mind.
But, before I tell you more about it, I wanted you to…..
  • Imagine operating your business from a laptop with low overhead, and high profit
  • Imagine operating your business on autopilot, so you can enjoy more time with yourself and your loved ones.
  • Imagine making money while your asleep or on vacation, and receiving streams of money from customers around the world.

Introducing.... "Information Product Biz Booster." Online Video Training

How To 10x Your Income By Turning Your "Ideas", "Passion", "Talents" ,And "Skills" Into A Business.

Start This Business Even You Are Employed With Only A Small Capital

Information product biz booster

Here's What You Will Learn In The Training ....

Who Will Benefit From This Online Video Training?

  • Corporate Employee who wanted a side income at pagod na sa laging ubos ang sweldo every month at wala ng natitira.
  • O.F.W’s who wanted a business that they can operate kahit nasaan pa sila
  • Entrepreneurs who wanted to expand and reach more people using the internet to increase sales and leads
  • Business Owners who wanted to increase sales and leads using digital marketing
  • Stay at Home Moms And Dads who wanted a side income and make use of their talents and skills

Why Buy This Online Training From Me?

Sino Ba Si Butch Lirios?

Hi Butch, thank you for the ebook.

I was able to understand an online business that works. It gave me the foundation on where and how to start from scratch. .

Thank you! 🙂.

Glenn Salazar


You Can Watch 👀 My Interview With Negosyo University And See If I am Credible Enough To Teach You What I Learned.


Hi Butch, through your ebook It helps me learn that there are other ways available to make money for a living.

From now on I will start doing what I learn from it..

Thank you! 🙂.

Aurelio Santiago
Owner & Founder Hobusa Realty

I Learned This Blueprint From A Business Coach

I Paid Almost 27,000 Pesos To Learn And Implement This Blueprint 

 And I Learned It From Business Coach Jon Orana 

If You don't know Jon Orana. Watch This Video From ABS-CBN.

internet business blueprint
With Jon Orana In A Recent Training Seminar

If You Enroll In The Training Today, You Will Get Instant Access To My Cool Bonus

Sounds Cool?

Here Is It ........

Get Access To My Interview With

Julian Canita

Learn Why Spending 30,000 Pesos On A Failed Business Is The Best Thing That Happened To Him As An Entrepreneur

Julian Canita - Facebook Ads Strategist

Get Access To Interview Number 2 With

Billy Ramirez

Where He Shared His Experience On How He Sold Thousand Of E-books For A Price Of A Pizza And A Beer

Billy Ramirez - Founder CCNA Philippines

Get Access To Interview Number 3 With

Ken Ken Somera

On How To Use The I.B.S.A Technique In Selling And Persuading People To Buy

Ken Ken Somera - Sales And Persuasion Specialist

But, That's Not All

Grab My New Ebook "The Niche Selection BluePrint" (Not For Sale! But I will be happy to give it as a Thank You Gift )

And.... You Will Also Get An Audio Version 🎧 So You Can Listen To It While Your Driving, Walking or in the Bus.

Isn't that cool 😍!

Why I am Giving Away This Amazing Ebook?

Many Online Marketers Create, Promote And Sell A Product First Without Knowing The People Who Will Buy The Product.
This is A Big NO NO
But, many people who bought my ebook “10x Your Idea BluePrint” get stuck.
Because they cannot find the people who are willing to buy their product.
So I dedicated my time and effort to write an ebook that only FOCUSES on “How To Find A Profitable Niche For An Information Product Business”
Because this is the Most Important Foundation In Online Marketing, and I wanted YOU to master it.
This amazing ebook can be sold on its own but I am giving it as a gift only for you.
And isn’t it cool youre getting an Audio Version as well 😍!

But......It Does Not End There

You Will Also Get Access To My Bonus Training

Bonus Training # 1 : The Psychology Of Pricing. How To Influence Potential Customer To Remove Resistance In Making A Purchase

Bonus Training # 2 : Sales Page Checklist. How To Write Irresistible Sales Offer That Compels Customer To Take Action

Bonus Training # 3 : The Sales Letter Template. A Done For You Sales Letter Formula That Is Used By Top Digital Marketers. Just Follow The Template To Write Persuasive Sales Offer, Simple As That

Bonus Training # 4 : Email Marketing Secrets. The Secret Behind How I Earned 25,000 Pesos By Just Writing Email

Click The Button Below And Enroll In The "Information Product Biz Booster" Online Video Training Plus Cool Bonuses.


What You'll Be Getting If You Enroll Today.

Information product biz booster

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Would You Spend 39,600 Pesos To Change Your Financial Situation?

I definitely would 
Especially if it can bring a new source of income every month
I could easily charge this amount for the techniques and information that I am revealing.
But Today Your’e Not Paying That Amount.
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Yes ….
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Erwin Lirios
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39,600 Pesos For 2,297 What's The Catch?

Sounds Unbelievable?
I know it’s “a to good to be true offer”
But I promise this is the real deal
I know some of you are wondering why I am doing such a thing?
Simple …..
I wanted to help as many people as I can and transform their lives. 
Because I been in that kind of situation before.
And if your’e life is changed by the online video training.
I will be very happy
You could be my next success story 😍!

What Others Are Saying

"I took the leap of faith and wanted to learn from you. I already read your ebook and listened to the audiobook. I am a leadership development manager and my passion is to help people be better at work and life. Looking forward! I am excited"
Christian C.
"Thank you Sir Butch for sharing to me your gifts of knowledge."
Nandz F.
"With Your Guidance, I Can Change My Life."
Erica M.
"The Business I Can Do Kahit Nasa Abroad Pa Ako, Buti Nalaman Ko Ito. Thanks Butch!"
Ronaldo G.
OFW - Oman
"The training gave me an idea to start in this business. I did not realized na marami palang pwedeng maging business online, aside from the usual magbebenta sa OLX at Facebook".
Chel Lagman
Full Time Mommy
"Pwede palang kumita by selling your passion, I love cooking so I'am thinking going for that, I haven't started yet pero the e-book gave me the idea. Thanks".
Erica Musni
Call Center Agent

You Are Covered By Our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Simply Send Us An Email At [email protected] And We Will Give You A Full Refund No Questions Asked

What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine The Life You Can Have If You Finally Have The Time, Personal, And Financial Freedom You Deserve.

Transform Your Life And The Life Of Your Loved Ones By Enrolling In The Online Training Plus Access To Bonus Offer

Information product biz booster

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Erwin Lirios
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Meron Kang Three Options

  • Do Nothing About Your Situation, And Remain The Same
  • Do It Yourself And Look For Free Information On YouTube, Google And Facebook Hangang Pumuti Ang Buhok Mo 
  • Invest In The Online Video Training. Change Your Financial Situation. And Change Your Life And The Life Of Your Loved One’s
It’s Your Choice, 100%
But,  If you choose option # 3.
I  promise it’s going to be the real deal.
And It has the opportunity to change your life forever and you will  never going to look back

P.S. Just To Recap

Here’s What You’ll Get If You Join The Online Video Training Today
  • Information Product Biz Booster Online Video Training Worth 15,000 Pesos.
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For A Total Amount Of 39,600 Pesos
Join The Information Product Biz Booster Online Video Training Today For Only ……
Information product biz booster

➡️ 2,297.00 Pesos ⬅️

If You Click The Button Above You Will Be Directed To Paypal Where You Can Pay Via Your Paypal/Debit Or Credit Card. 
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Erwin Lirios
Bank : BPI
Account Number: 2309084562
and send deposit slip to [email protected] and I will provide access to the training
Looking Forward To Seeing You!
To Your Success
Butch Lirios
Digital EntrePinoy

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