How To Start An Online Business In The Philippines? Pero Nalilito Ka, Kung Paano Magsimula

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(Last Updated On: August 18, 2021)
Are you thinking of starting an online business in the Philippines?


Pero nalilito ka kung paano magsimula? 


Isa ka bang empleyado?


Meron ka ngang pera pero maliit naman. Kulang pa sa pambili ng produkto at kulang pa sa pag rent ng pwesto. 


Maliit lang ang capital mo, 


Isama mo pa yung traffic at wala ng oras pag tapos ng trabaho. Andyan pa yung mga gawaing bahay at aalagaan mo pa ang anak mo after work.


Pero gusto mo talagang mag karoon ng side business o kaya online business in the Philippines to have another income source and gain financial freedom.


Deep in your heart, you know you can do more, and you and your family deserve a much better life, so you’re looking for the best online business in the Philippines


If you are facing this situation and looking for answers


Allow me to share with you my story on how I overcome these challenges. 


And it happened after I discovered a business.


Dahil sa kagustuhan kung magkaroon ng side business while being employed naghanap ako ng mga solution 


I asked myself….


Ano ba yung mga negosyo na pwede kong gawin while being employed? 


At ito nga yung Nakita ko


It’s called an Information Product Business 


An information product business ay isang online business o negosyo na ginagawa ko habang empleyado ako. Maliit na kapital ang ginamit ko at ginagawa ko ito during my spare time after my work. 


And this kind of business grew by 108 billion dollars worldwide in 2018, can you imagine! 


Mas malaki na ito ngayon, probably three or four times bigger than before 


Ano nga ba itong information product business?


An information product business is providing solutions to people’s problems through the use of information. 
The product that you can create are ebooks, audiobooks, online training courses, blogs, and online presentations.



Like what I am doing now. 


This blog post is giving you an idea and providing you the information on how you can start a business while being employed. Because I know people will look for solutions to this kind of problem online, so I wrote this blog post.


And now, it’s much easier to set up this kind of business because of the internet.


A Business To Start With A Small Capital.


The reason this business only needs a small capital kasi the product is “YOU.” your skills mo, yung talents mo, expertise mo, at yung passion mo, that you can offer as solutions to people’s problem 


Do you enjoy Watching Instead of Reading? You Can Watch The Video On YouTube. Click the Image Below.


How I Started a Side Business While Working Full Time
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If you want to know more about this kind of business.
May ginawa akong FREE Ebook for you. Plus, it comes with a printable worksheet that can help you identify your talents and expertise so you can start in this business straight away.


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Marami ang nagtatayo ng negosyo kasi “Uso”, At “IN”  


Kabi kabila, you will see a milk tea business, shawarma stalls, and many other kinds of food stalls.


Hindi ko sinasabing, it’s a bad idea na magtayo ng ganitong klaseng negosyo. But what I wanted to say is kung gagayahin mo lang yung produkto ng iba you are bound to fail.


How to start an online business in the philippines


It doesn’t matter if you’re capital is one million or two million pesos.


Like what happened to us…


Nag start ako together with my friend’s ng restaurant business.


Akala namin papatok… 


akala namin yung milktea maraming bibili at maraming kakain ng siomai, pero hindi pala.


After one year of operation, our business shuts down.


Nagka utang pa kami 


And this is what I learned in that painful experience….


How To Create A Legit Online Business?


If you want to start a successful business, the number one goal is to solve people’s problems.
The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you make.


If you do this… 


People will happily pay for your product and services, and money will follow.


The reason our restaurant business fails is that we’re not solving people’s problems, and we are just copying other people’s product dahil “Uso.” 


Before you start a business, think about this, is there a need for the business? Is it solving a problem? 


You also need to answer the first question.


Why do you want to start a business?


Bakit ka nagbabasa ng blog post na ito? What is your motivation? 


Do you enjoy Watching Instead of Reading? You Can Watch The Video On YouTube. Click the Image Below.


How I Started a Side Business While Working Full Time
Click HERE To Watch The Video


Dahil kung gusto mo lang magkaroon ng pera, gusto mong magkaroon ng bagong iPhone. 


Gusto mong mag travel abroad, mababaw na reason ito to start a business. 




There are many challenges in starting a business. 


Personally, malalim ang reason ko why I started an information product business. 


I’m doing this business for my son at para sa kinabukasan ng pamilya ko. 


So it doesn’t matter how many challenges and failures I faced, I will always stand up and do it all over again.


If the reason is Superficial, then most probably the business will fail.


How To Create An Online Business Idea?


So how can you start in this business?


You need to discover and identify your skills, talents, and passions first and then offer it as a solution to your customer’s biggest problem.


Download the worksheet together with the ebook to aid you in starting this business.


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My friend told me he got no skills, so what can he offer?
I told him that all of us got skills and talents unique to us, Akala mo lang wala


What you need to do is write all your skills in the worksheet. 


Example: magaling ka sa bookkeeping, 


You are an accountant at magaling ka sa accounting. 


Magaling ka sa mathematics. Those are your skills.


Another example, magaling ka sa pagluluto,


Magaling kang magturo paano pumayat paano mag reduce ng weight, paano mag gain ng muscles, That’s a skill 


it doesn’t matter if you hate your skill or love it, just write it all down 


For example, part ng trabaho mo is to take phone calls on how to troubleshoot computer problems. You hate it because you hate your job. 


But what you’re doing is a skill, so write it down.


Think of things you’re doing every day, especially at work.


For sure, marami kang makikitang skills, Pero you’re taking it for granted because it’s part of your job.  


What’s important is to write it all down using the worksheet.  


The importance of this exercise is: To believe in yourself that you got skills, talents, and expertise, Na Akala mo “Wala.” 


Best Passive Income Business For Employees


On the second page of the worksheet, what you need to do is to write your passion.


Passions are activities or anything that you enjoy doing. The moment you hear about it, you get excited.


Say you are a passionate basketball player, 


You are passionate about baking cakes or excited about helping others… 


Write it all down on the worksheet.


If you hate doing it, then don’t write it down on the worksheet.


If you don’t enjoy installing MS windows on your computer, then don’t write it down. 


I cannot stress enough the importance of downloading the FREE Ebook and the printable worksheet para makakatulong ito habang binabasa mo ang blog post na ito.
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How To Make Money In An Online Business?


Now it’s time to discover your sweet spot. Your sweet spot is the combination of your skills, talents, and passion.


If you look at the worksheet meron kang sinulat sa talents page mo at sa passion page mo, now what you will notice is there is an overlap. There are things that you put on your skills page and also on your passion page, and this is your sweet spot.


Your Sweet Spot Is The Reason You Make Money In This Business. That’s Why It’s Important To Identify And Discover It.


Sa negosyo na ito, hindi laging smooth sailing, there are many challenges that you will face, but if you love what you’re doing. You face challenges gagawin mo pa rin sya dahil gusto mo ang ginagawa mo.


And you’re not doing it because of money. 


That’s the most important thing, and that’s why it is crucial to identify your sweet spot first before you start in this business.


After identifying your sweet spot. It’s time to identify your target customer.


Identify their problems and the frustrations they face. 


 After that, you can start creating a product.


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To learn more about how you can do that, you need to download and read the FREE Ebook which is available below.


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