How To Rank Higher In Google Search?

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(Last Updated On: March 29, 2021)

s.e.o for beginners


Do you have an online business?

Are you looking for a strategy on how can your website ranks higher in google search?

Are you looking for ways on how your YouTube videos and Facebook posts get noticed and viewed by many people?

Do you want your business to be noticed online so many people know it?

Have you heard SEO? Or Search Engine Optimization.

This kind of strategy can potentially rank your website or videos higher in google search.

The higher your ranking means more people can see your products and services that you’re offering online

RESULT: More Sales

That’s why I invited Fervil Von who is an SEO specialist to give us an SEO for beginners overview

Buti pumayag si Fervil when I invited him for an interview

Fervil shared to me some tips and tricks that you can use so your website can be seen on the first page of google search

WARNING: If you apply what we discussed, your website and contents will not rank higher instantly.


Because nothing is instant, I hope you understand and I don’t want to give high hopes

In every strategy, you must be consistent and have the patience to make it work

Online marketing is not a quick-rich scheme, there is an unspoken truth about this. And Fervil agrees.

When I started in my information product business, I thought having a website and advertising on Facebook will give me instant success.

But, I was wrong. What I realized is it takes determination to continue the business in spite of the hardships and losses that I experienced because of passion for the business.

And providing value and helping customers, because the majority of people will not buy your product when they first saw it online. And you need to be remembered when they are ready to buy, and that’s by providing value

So do you want an SEO for beginners strategy for your online business?

Are you willing to put in the time and effort to make it work?

Then this strategy is for you

Watch my SEO for beginner interview with Fervil below

At sya nga pala, if you haven’t started in this business yet, or don’t have a website yet but thinking of starting an information product business

You need to watch it

Because the information will be useful once you started

Promise this is valuable

Watch the video below and enjoy



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