The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make

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(Last Updated On: May 29, 2020)
Life is about a lot of things, depending on each individual, but it breaks down to choices at its most basic level.
Each day we are faced with choices.
Sometimes we face the same choices each day.
Making some choices are not like a one size fits all thing.
Let’s say you’ve made the choice to go to work every day for the rest of your life( harsh )
If you love your job and willing to work for the rest of your life, good luck to you.
I too have a choice.
I am still a full-time employee.
But, I realized I have a choice to do something about my situation.
I don’t want to be stuck in a job that I hate for the rest of my life.


The Choices We Make.

So, I am doing something to break free from it,
And someday I know it will happen, and I will be financially free.
That’s the reason why l created my online business and also created passive revenues so I won’t rely 100% on my job for income.
I am getting there, but I got a long way to go,
The most important thing for me is I started.
It’s better to achieve 5% out 100% rather not achieving anything
Every day we are faced with choices that will either keep us on track with that choice or lead us away from that choice.
Will you choose to have fruit instead of  Icecream for dessert?
Will you choose vegetables instead of Lechon Paksiw?
Will you choose to save your Christmas bonus, invest it in cash-flowing assets rather than buy a new iPhone X?
Let’s say you make better choices today.
That’s great, but you need to realize that you will be faced with the same kinds of choices each day.
Some days you may not make the better choice.
But being aware that you will have to continue making daily choices can help you resolve and help you get through the moment of decision.
Be aware that things will pop up each day and often throughout the day.
Be prepared ahead of time to make the better choice.
It doesn’t matter what you want to change your life, you will be facing many choices on the road to your goals.
Habits can be hard to break,
But ultimately it’s you who decides.
It’s you who decides whether or not you will make a choice that leads you closer to your goals or farther away from your goals.
When I decided to create my online business, my problem is time as I am full time employed.
But, I told myself If I am going to do this and make this choice.

4 Time Management Tips For Online Entrepreneurs Who Are Employed

I need to prioritize my time to achieve my goal. READ MY BLOG HERE: 4 Effective Time Management Tips For Entrepreneur Who Are Employed.
Peer pressure can also lead you to make bad choices.
We tend to think of peer pressure being exclusive to teenagers.
But the truth is we are all subject to peer pressure.
How many times have you gone on a diet and as soon as you get together with friends they try to coax you into having dessert?
They tell you to live it up a little, you can get back on your diet tomorrow.
It’s in those moments when we usually cave in and have the dessert.
Even though it was your friends who lead you to the wrong choice at that moment.
it’s still your responsibility to own up to the fact that you made the choice.
That’s why you need to choose who you hang out with.
There is a saying “ Show me your friends, I’ll tell you who you are”.
If you wanted to achieve your goals and dreams in life the people surround you make a difference.


Want Success In Life Then, You Should Avoid These People
Want Success In Life Then, You Should Avoid These People


I am not saying live on a mountain and exclude yourself from society. But, the people around you can make you, or worse break you.
READ MY BLOG: Want Success in Life, Then, You should avoid these people.
Start thinking more about the choices you make.
Make the decision to make better choices each day.
Also, realize that sometimes things will pop up that you aren’t prepared for.
But if you make a conscious effort to always be aware of the choices you make, you can stick to making better choices, despite peer pressure or what’s going on in your life.
If you wanted to create an online business using your passion and experience download my FREE ebook below.
Again you got a choice.
Will you download it or not?
If you download it it’s FREE.


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