Want To Be A Virtual Assistant in the Philippines? Do NOT Enroll In Virtual Careers Academy of Jomar Hilario!

Want To Be A Virtual Assistant in the Philippines? Do NOT Enroll In Virtual Careers Academy of Jomar Hilario!

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Vendor: Jomar Hilario
PRO: Straight To The Point, Value For Money, Lots Of Course To Choose From.
CON: Clients Will Not Come To You. Take Action!
(Last Updated On: January 27, 2021)
My Virtual Careers Academy and Jomar Hilario Review.
Do you want to be a Virtual Assistant and earn income while in the comforts of your own home?
Sounds good, right?
You google your way to find out how, and you stumbled upon Virtual Careers Academy by Jomar Hilario, where he teaches Filipinos how to be a Virtual Assistant, VA for short. If you’re an email subscriber of Bo Sanchez, probably you got an email telling you to check out his website.
For people who don’t know what a VA is, by the simplest definition, a virtual assistant is an independent contract worker who provides administrative, creative or technical services.
So you can be a secretary, a graphic designer, a website developer, blogger, writer, analyst, anything you can think of. The more and relevant skills you have, the higher the rate of pay.
The only difference is you don’t need to go to an office to work as you are using the internet to do it, meaning you can work from home as long as you got a computer and an internet connection.
Virtual Assistants usually work for big and small businesses. If you wanted to know what you can do and how you can earn dollars as a VA. Watch and subscribe to the FREE Webinars HERE


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Ok, back to my point, let me spill the beans as I enrolled in one of his courses to find out.  Let me give you my personal Virtual Careers Academy Review.
First. Taking the course will NOT land you a job as a Virtual Assistant.
Let me explain why….. read until the end because I will give you a SPECIAL BONUS…
If you wanted to get a good job as VA you need skills, and that’s what Virtual Careers Academy teaches.
it’s not the course that will give you a job, but the action that you will take after finishing the course.
If you don’t take action about the knowledge that you learned then consider it a waste of money. Actually, it’s a shame If you take the course and don’t apply it. You might as well use the money to buy underwear, I think that will last you for a while, throw in some socks as well.☺☺
Knowledge + Action + Determination = Success.
And success means landing a good job as a VA, and jobs mean money. Money earned will make you confident, confidence then leads you to apply for more positions and getting more clients.
Landing a job is not easypeesy. You won’t get clients straight away. There will be rejection, that’s the reality.
If you don’t have the determination, then it will get you nowhere.
Rejection is redirection. This is my personal take. If you get rejected by clients, many times then see it as redirection. It’s redirecting you to be strong, it’s redirecting you to know what’s working or not.
Use rejection to improve your portfolio. Beef up your portfolio, make yourself stand out to make the clients want to hire you as a VA.

You should be willing to learn.
The courses in Virtual Careers are proven to give you the foundation to get a client and become a VA. If you’re stubborn and wanted to do it your way.
Then what’s the point of enrolling in the course?
People sometimes enroll in courses and doubt the course afterward and think it’s a waste of time and effort and want to do it the way that suits them.
There are many successful V.A who is a product of the Virtual Careers Academy, and they follow what was told, that’s why they got clients now, and earn money.
Let me show you some successful students who graduated from the course and are VA’s now.


Do you want to start your Virtual Careers?  You can buy Jomar Hilario’s book if you wanted to start.  It’s available in National Bookstore, or you can get the E-Book here.

But if you want to acquire in-demand skills so you can command a good price to your clients then, enroll in these courses.
But, before that let me tell you, if you enroll in these courses you will get a 1-year subscription to Profit Canvas. This is an online marketing tool where you can create a sales page, opt-in page, host webinars, plus you will get software inside Profit Canvas that you can sell or use as a giveaway as if it is your own.
Plus, inside Profit Canvas there are loads of training about online marketing, from affiliate marketing to google ranking plus more!
It’s not only a software, it’s an e-course. Just send a proof of purchase to [email protected] to claim the bonus software.
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To All Filipino Online Marketer? The One Tool You Need For Your Business
Personally, your main goal is to be an online entrepreneur someday and not a VA forever. By giving you free 1-year access to Profit Canvas you can have those insights on how to be an online entrepreneur.
Now if you wanted to avail of my special bonus enroll in this courses of Jomar Hilario and then send me a proof of purchase or receipt to [email protected]
Be sure to buy and click the link from here, to get my special bonus.


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Let me ask you something?
What’s important to you?
Is it time with family?
Precious time with your loved ones?
Those lost times that you’re supposed to spend with your loved ones, you can not take it back.
But you can do something now to change it.
I don’t need to give you inspiring words or inspiring quotes.
All you need to do is to look at your present situation.
Do you hate it?
Then do something about it! Take action and enroll in those courses plus get my special bonus.
Remember to send a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase to [email protected]



These courses will be your gateway to a new opportunity. VA’s are not employees, they are entrepreneurs.
Becoming a VA is a stepping stone to a much bigger opportunity. But you need to act now to be there.


5 step blueprint
Download Our FREE E-Book By Clicking The Image Above. See If An Online Business Is Right For You
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